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Description: It has come time to part with items I have as back-ups. I don't have time for the primary units so, its time to sell the secondary items.
1. NOS TIII Prototype complete head. This is a complete NOS head; Head, Valves, Cams, Springs, Lifters, Rockers and Gears. Prototype head identified by pad between rockers and 6 hole gears. These heads have extra material around ports according to "5digits". $2K shipped. Sold
2. 50 Trim turbo; I purchase this from Warren S. approx 4 years ago. He rebuilt and balanced it. It has been ported and an angled neck welded in place also includes actuator bracket. Turbine housing is a 0 Stage and includes heli-coils on 2 of the flange holes. Sold.
3. NOS G Head; Bare head, untouched. Has for some reason white & green paint on it, comes right off W/brake clean. SOLD

PayPal preferred. PM for any questions. Thanks


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