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Alright guys, I used to have an 85 Omni GLH-T that I sold to a nice kid in Columbus, IN. I realize this isn't a TurboDodge, but I thought I would give it a shot anyway to see if anyone was interested. I have a 1995 240sx for sale in West Lafayette, IN. I am asking $2750, but will negotiate. I am just starting a career and am looking for a new car to commute back and forth to work. Not to mention that I'm going to be moving to Iowa! Unfortunately, I just won't be able to take the 240 with me so I'm trying to sell it (and take a loss) in order to make a higher downpayment on a new(ish) car. I purchased it from an absolute moron just SW of Indianapolis, IN and spent a significant amount of time and money repairing it. If you're interested I can explain it further...


New Parts(Under 500 miles):

* Tires (all seasons for winter 205 60 R15)
* Megan Racing Track Series Coilovers
* NISMO Motor and Transmission mounts
* Buddy Club Spec II Exhaust
* Sparco Strada (Genuine) Steering Wheel with MOMO hub
* Autometer Autogage 5" tach with shift light
* OEM Radiator
* Shifter Trim & boot


* 4 lug
* Battery relocated to the trunk with 2ga welding wire
* Has a KA24E motor with 5spd installed (it was what I had access to at the time) so it is a great candidate for an SR20 swap.
* Motor has about 61K miles, and the chassis is about 156K miles

* Ebay headers, no cat
* EGR Removed from motor
* New O2 Sensor
* No rust on the frame or body, some scratches, discoloration from previous owner's le bra and crappy spoiler. The paint is in decent condition, clear still looks great.

* Window tint, looks decent and recent
* No power steering (reservoir and low pressure lines are still there)
* No AC
* Passenger side window doesn't come down, windshield wipers are not wired (wiring harness incompatibilities), Rear window defrost doesn't work properly

If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to email me or call me at any time, I am on CST so just try not to call during dinner. I am always up late, like until 4am. Also if you want to look at the car, it is available whenever is convenient for you.

Faraz Shah
West Lafayette, IN
[email protected] or 812-205-6612

PICS will be posted at 3PM CST on 2/29
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