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O2 sensor-removal tips??

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I am stripping out my TII Daytona, has a brand new O2 sensor, hate to give it to the crushers...problem is, its freaking NEW, has maybe 200m iles on it...but depite already having pulled the power steering pump, and having relatively free access to it...nothing I do or use is breaking the torque on that bastard! So...bleeding knuckles aside :mad: ...anyone have a tip??
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use antisieze :p preventative care.
I just hurt myself and messed up a wrench to get my first o2 sensor out.
Heat if you have a tourch use that if not take it for a rip and and do it as soon as its cool enouf you wont scaled yourself.
I finally got mine out after marinating it in penetrating oil each night for a week, but it is on the work bench not in the car.
Here's a tip: Don't be a wuss. ;)

Seriously, I think I found a wrench that was the correct size to fit over it, and trimmed my wire plug a little so it'd also fit over that. After that, no worries, got a good grip and just gave it all I had. Worked like a charm.

Try wheeties. If that doesn't work, try spinach. :)
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If the engine still runs, let it heat up to operating temperature and wear mechanics gloves. Makes a big difference.

I use a 4ft cheater bar.
take a hammer and smack the base of the sensor (the hex part) a couple times. it will often come out by hand after this treatment. the sensors rust in place; rust is strong, but brittle, so the vibration from the hammer breaks it loose when brute strength and a wrench cant.
Okaaaaay...lots of tips...1st of all, us steely eyed killer/Air Cav types are not wussies...far from it! But,after exerting enough hand torque to almost break the Jaws on a set of vice grips, and then screaming in agony as my hands careened into the firewall...I felt like crying like a little girl! DAMN that hurt!!I guess I will utilize a combo of all these methods...shame to let it get crushed!
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