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OBD1 Codes Retrieval (Pre-1995 Cars and Trucks)

How to get the code/s for Chrysler 1983-1995 vehicles:

Within a period of 5 seconds, cycle the ignition key

1. Count the number of time the MIL (check engine lamp)
on the instrument panel flashes on and off. The number
of flashes represents the trouble code. There is a short
pause between the flashes representing the 1st and 2nd
digits of the code. Longer pauses are used to separate
individual 2-digit trouble code.

An example of a flashed DTC is as follows:

-Lamp flashes 4 times, pauses, then flashes 6 more times.

This denotes a DTC number 46.
-Lamp flashes 5 times, pauses, then flashes 5 more times.

This indicates a DTC number 55.
DTC 55 will always be the last code to be displayed.

Here's how your ignition key looks like. Make sure to cycle
it between on and off positions only.

Clearing codes can be performed by turning the ignition off
and removing the negative battery cable for at least 1 minute.
Removing the negative battery cable may cause other systems
in the vehicle to loose their memory. Prior to removing the
cable, ensure you have the proper reset codes for radios
and alarms.

Chrysler products COMMON CODES OBD1 (vehicles made before 1995)

The fault code indicates a problem in that "circuit" it does not necessarily mean that the component itself is at fault.
Diagnostics need to be performed to determine the issue creating the fault code.

Part 1: Chrysler Domestic vehicles


88 display used for start or test(will only be seen using a DRB2 scanner)
11 crankshaft signal or ignition signal, no reference signal during cranking
12 memory to controller has been cleared within 50-100 engine starts
13 map sensor vacuum, no change from start to run or output voltage does not equal throttle position
14 map voltage too high or too low
15 vehicle speed sensor, no signal detected
16 loss of battery voltage sense
17 low engine temperature, possible thermostat fault
21 oxygen sensor signal, neither rich or lean detected or O2 shorted to voltage
21 knock sensor circuit(starting in 89)
22 coolant temp sensor voltage low/high
23 air charge temp sensor voltage high/low detected
24 throttle position sensor voltage high/low
25 automatic idle speed motor driver circuit, short or open detected
26 injectors 1,2,3 peak current not reached, problem in injector control circuits cylinder 1 and/or 2.
27 injector control circuit does not respond to control signal, problem in injector control circuits 3 and/or 4
31 purge solenoid circuit, open or short detected
32 egr solenoid circuit, open or short detected
33 a/c clutch relay circuit, open or short detected
34 speed control servo solenoid, open or short detected
35 radiator fan control relay circuit, open or short detected
36 wastegate solenoid, open or short detected
37 Baro read solenoid
37 PTU solenoid circuit(starting in 89)
41 charging system circuit not responding to control signal, alternator field circuit not switching properly
42 fuel pump or auto shutdown (ASD) relay voltage sensed at controller
42 Z1 voltage sense
43 ignition control circuit not responding
44 battery temperature voltage circuit problem
45 turbo boost limit exceeded-map sensor detects overboost
46 battery voltage too high..overcharging
47 battery voltage too low...battery voltage low or charging output low
51 air/fuel at limit
51 lean exhaust indication, O2 voltage latched below .450 volts
52 rich exhaust indication, O2 voltage latched above .450 volts
53 internal controller failure (normal code on a re-calibrated controller)
54 fuel sync signal not detected during cranking
55 end of message
61 baro read solenoid, open or short detected
62 emr mileage not stored
63 eeprom write denied
64 flex fuel sensor signal out of range
64 VNT solenoid #1 circuit
65 manifold tuning valve, open or short detected
65 VNT solenoid #2 circuit
66 no ccd messages
67 VNT "A" side failure
76 ballast bypass relay, open or short detected
77 speed control relay, open or short detected

Part 2: Chrysler Import vehicles


1 oxygen sensor
2 crank engine sensor
3 air flow sensor
4 barometric pressure sensor
5 throttle position sensor
6 motor position sensor
7 engine coolant temperature sensor
8 no.1 cylinder tdc sensor
12 air flow sensor
13 air temperature sensor
14 throttle position sensor
15 sc motor position sensor
21 engine coolant temperature sensor
22 crank angle sensor
23 no.1 cylinder tdc sensor
24 vehicle speed sensor
25 barometric pressure sensor
31 knock sensor
32 manifold pressure sensor
36 ignition timing adjustment signal
39 oxygen sensor
41 injector
42 fuel pump
43 egr
44 ignition coil
52 ignition coil
53 ignition coil
55 iac valve position sensor
59 heated oxygen sensor
61 transaxle control unit cable
62 warm up control valve position sensor
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