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Offering Services selling custom fabbed items

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I'm just wondering at what point do you have to become a "Vendor."

I'm thinking about selling some misc. custom fabbed items and offering bead blasting, but did not want to cause a problem.

I've seen people in the past offer porting, custom rails, manifolds, swingvalves, etc. etc.

Wondering if anyone can give me a definate answer as it seems that some people get told by mods to become vendors while others seem to be ignored.

Not trying to cause a debate or conflict, simply asking. Thanks.
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Personally, I would become a Vendor either way. Money goes to the site, and no one can say anything to you about selling your personal business items. A few months ago, I asked Rocky about selling Powdercoated items on here as my business, and he said I would have to become a Vendor. Some people are always above the law, however. All you can do is do the right thing yourself. :):)
It seems to be more of a problem when you try to till fertile soil, so to speak, by offering a personal version of something ordinarily purchased through a vendor.

If you're pioneering with one-off items that no one else does, it seems that you will be encouraged and if your product/s is good, then hopefully you will attain/need vendor status by virtue of your success, and we'll have a new source for something.

That's how I've read the various commentaries by mods, anyway.
6.) No retail sales or links to businesses that are in direct competition to TURBODODGE.COM sponsors. If you wish to sell parts on this board, you must be an Authorized Vendor.
This is what the Board Guidelines state. Vendor Status is needed for all the people who are selling parts outside the scope of the swap meet.

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