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Howdy fellas,

Recent proud owner of an '82 rampage. Me and my girl are both mechanics, and we've got the factory shop manuals (both the body/electric and the engine performance), as well as plenty of tools and specialty junkyards in the area.

Our valiant rampage (we call her jolene, cause we brought her home on a dolly! 😀) hasn't been street legal in a minute. A PO took out the carpet and floor trim to overhaul the floorpans and never put it back in. All we've got are the seats and the bolts for the parking brake. Was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction to get a parking brake and automatic shifter cover trim. Bonus points for the weird half-shelf that lives behind the seats.

Additionally, I know clean l body floorpans are rarer than hen's teeth, but if someone's got a good line on a drop in replacement i'd be over the moon.

I love Jolene, and it's so nice to have a car to work on and try and get running real nice. Short term plans are to overhaul the carb and clean the fuel system. once we get that nice and happy, we can start diagnosing any funny sounds coming from her.
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