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Oil in my coolant

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I have oil getting into my cooklant...but no coolant in my oil.
Would this be as simple as a head gasket? I am affraid that my water jacket is cracked.
Any input?
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It could be your head gasket, but yes you may also have water jacket that is broken. Of course this is much more unlikely.

Do you know how old the head gasket is on your car?

If you run your car much longer, I would probably say that the coolant will get into the oil if it's not taken care of.
The head gasket has 4900 km on it. Not a felpro gasket either. I guess in the near future i am going to have to rip the head off just to investigate....
Did you seal the headbolts with some thread sealant? (I ask, because I made that mistake once)
I had that problem in my N/A car. Headgasket did not seal properly. Either bad headbolts (would not hold enough torque) or slightly warped head can lead to this.
I didn't tap the holes for my ARP headstuds, so there is a possibilty that could be my problem. I figured that was done when they machined my block. And i didn't use thread sealant on the studs either, do the headbolts (studs in my case) travel into the waterjacket? I didn't think they did.
i didnt think you were supposed to put any sealent on the headbolts...just a light coating of oil for torqueing
hmm... maybe I'm wrong about the sealent. Either way, they need to be tapped.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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