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Oil pressure sender question.

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For the stock oil pressure gauge, does anybody know what size the sender is? 1/8" NPT, 1/4" NPT?

Or, if i can cut straight to the point, i'd like to get some sort of mechanical oil pressure gauge to replace the stock one. I just don't trust that stock one, and i'm not particularly fond of replacing engines. Do the fittings that come with, say, an Autometer gauge fit our cars? Or is there something else i should purchase?

The car is a 1985 Omni GLH, 2.2 non-commonblock.

My apologies if this topic has been done before, but i did use the search function, and didn't come up with anything.

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I think its 1/8 pipe thread but doesn't matter, if you buy the autometer kit, will fit as they come with the necessary adapters!
I bought a cheap mechanical guage from Wal-mart just to check things out. on the oil distribution block there's a place to thread the new fitting into (currently there is a plug in it). So you can compare your guage to the mechanical guage and see what's going on. Only takes a few minutes to hook it all up. Good luck.
Thanks. I ordered the mechanical Autometer one, should be here in a few days. As long as the fittings that come with it work, i'll figure it out when it gets here.

Thanks again.

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