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Omni GLH Questions

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I just have a couple of question I am hoping to get answers to

1. What is a normal operating temperature (continous driving after the car has warmed up) for a GLH with a 180 thermostat with 1/16" hole drilled? I installed an autometer water temp gauge and the water temp approaches 230 F which seems really high.

2. I feel stupid asking this one, but is there anyway to get the hood open if the hood release cable is not attached to the release mechanism? It appears that my cable has come loose and when I go to pull the hood release latch there is not resistance at all. Anyone run into a similar situation, if so any advice would be much appreciated.

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Normal temp. is between 160-180. 230 is much too high.

With the hood latch, it sounds like your spring took a dump. Can you just hook some pliers on the cable inside the car and pull it that way?
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