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Car was purchased in 2009 with intentions to run in PTB in NASA. The car did have some minor work already completed but needed significant modifications to make it legal for Racing. I completed much of the work in about 1 year but since then have had 0 time to finish the project because of career commitments. The car has some race only parts on it that can be sold with the car or kept for my future projects. Car has never been started, everything is still brand new, there are 0 miles on any of the parts. Literally every nut and bolt has been replaced with better fasteners with the intent of things having to come back apart for routine service work. I have all of the parts, there is just a little fab work that still needs to be completed. I have another race car and a company to run so I no longer have the time. I would be willing to help make parts to finish the car if custom pieces are necessary. I was / am a certified GTAW / GMAW welder, a CNC Machinist / Programmer, Sheet Metal Fabricator, SAE Certified Technician and Licensed Race car driver so I can pretty much do anything automotive. The following are areas that I have improved:

Engine / Trans:
Stock short block – was running when removed
Mopar Performance Head gasket
Mopar Performance Double Valve Springs
Cam from the TBI Cars – known for best lift and duration profile
Basic port matching done on head to improve flow
All new gaskets / seals
Custom SS ported turbine housing and manifold setup for Turbonetics “Evolution” external wastegate
(tested on another car, much quicker spool, no boost creap)
FWD Performance Turbo Oil Line Kit
Oil Filter Relocation Kit
All new performance Mounts
Custom XS Performance Front Mount Intercooler
Custom Radiator – not yet installed
OBX limited slip with turbos unleashed bolt kit
FWD performance Clutch kit
523 Trans with shift cables instead of shift rods

Fuel Safe 15 gallon cell with -10 lines
Aeromotive FPR
Turbos unleased Fuel Rail
Mopar Performance 70lb Injectors
Walbro Pump 255, not yet mounted still deciding what route to go
6 Point cage with x bar to satisfy NASA Requirements – some welding still needs to be completed
Sparco Seat Brackets for Slider
Daytona RT front sway Bar
Spirit RT front Uprights and Brakes with HAWK Pads, 11” Rotors
New 4 bolt Wheel Bearings, best for track use
Steering Rack currently not in car, was working on bump steer and heim joint setup
Koni Coil Overs with #400 Race springs
Camber / Caster Plates
Dakota Brake Master Cylinder – Not yet installed with proportioning valve.
SS Brake Lines

Electronics / Interior
Newer Wiring harness for the newer ecu & chip to be run with the FWD Performance Tune
Custom Sheet Metal Dash
Pickup points for 5 / 6 point harness with sub belts

I think that is everything, I will edit if I find any mistakes or answer any other questions. I would very much like to finish this car but I don’t see it in my immediate future and need the garage space. I have a bunch of pictures of the car and the build process, let me know if you would like to see them.


Thank you

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there are probably a few more pictures in the album in my profile. The fuel cell at this point is not included in the sale price as well as the seat. These two items are almost 2k. I have a lot of parts, I am pretty sure i have everything to get this thing going, just need room for my other race car.
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