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omnis and horizons

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I have desperately been looking for one of these little cars for a while now. I've passed two of them after two months. They always seem to be driving the other direction so I can't roll my window down and ask them anything.

But anyways, does anyone have a relatively inexpensive omni near georgia?

If it appeals to anyone here, I have a beautiful '84 Honda CB700SC I could maybe work into the deal.
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We have 2 in Aiken, SC. One currently doesn't run, and the other is the workhorse of our fleet (both n/a...not for long though), so I don't think we are selling. I'll keep an eye out for you. I always seem to find them.
thanks man - it just seems like i'd be able to find them somewhere lol

I ran a search on autotrader and didnt list any within 400 miles :bang head
is it against the rules to bump a 'wanted'? :D
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