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i put the eibach springs in my car. had them in for a while then the stock (well, oem replacement) struts blew. so since they were autozone lifetime ones, i swapped em out for free. that was just before winter and the car sat most of winter. now driving around i think i blew a strut again. could this be from the eibach's?

i've ben looking into struts, but i guess they discontinued the koni's? what else can i still get? its a DD so i cant have anything that will make it a track only car.

also, i'd like to pull the a-arms off and do all new bushings (im getting a lot of pops and creaks in the front end. so i'll just replace everything that can make noise lol). are the autozone ones ok? or where else can i get them? brand pref?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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