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Hey guys, like it the title says I'm setting up a

PA Dynoday on April 7th @ YCU dyno tuning Specialist in York, PA
Nigel aka Turbo666 will be coming up to tune for this Event.
Date: April 7th 10am till 6pm "later if needed"
Spectators welcome

The Location:
YCU Dyno Tuning Specialist
1130 Zinns Quarry Rd.
York, PA 17404
YCU Dyno Tuning Specialist
Facebook: YCU Dyno Tuning Specialist - Automotive - York, PA - Info | Facebook

The cost is $500.00 For Nigel to Dynotune. I have couple slot open for that
3. scrapnsrt4 "or at least dynopulls"
4. ACR4

If you just want Dynopulls the cost will be 50.00 for 3 pulls
1. OrangeBlastSRT
2. Juggalomm
3. PJVB64
4. Bbneon95

Deposits are required to Dyno. Due by march 7th
(250 deposit for dynotuning with nigel)
(25 deposit for dynopulls)

Bring a friend or 2 .

Beer or drink is permitted as long as you are of legal age.

There will be Plenty of Ice cold Vegasfuel for sale too!!!

There is a concesstion set up also.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! Text me if you want to come! I can't keep up with all the forums I posted on so if u want to come call/text Keven 717-873-5999
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