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part parts and more parts!

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well i got all my parts in well except for one....the list is msd wires, MM inserts exhaust cutout and a tire! the wires work great! MM inserts, i need to go get a zip tie to put them on, yes i got the ES ones, and the exhaust cutout, im wait for my y pipe to come in so i can go get it welded in....so now i can see how well she runs! i hope great!! ill update later on today or tomorrow!
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Cool, i would like to hear how it sound's with the cutout.
lil4drturbo said:
i need to go get a zip tie to put them on, yes i got the ES ones
I think all the inserts are about the same as far as what they do (give or take a little durameter), but the problem with the es are the zip ties. I would pull the bolt that goes through the upper motor mount and head over to ace to find a large washer to secure the inserts, or you could buy some from deyeme for 6$ or something like that.
After installing my ES inserts, I took it on the test drive and
came home, opened the hood to find the tie wraps broken.
I took 12" regular tie wraps and stuck them through all 4 holes and
wrapped them around the motor mount.
No problems since, though I was going to change them to # 10 screws if
they break again.
I coulden't believe the difference, much less motor movement.
thanks for the support guys!! yeah im thinking of the bolts! but also the cutout, wow!! mean as can be!! and very loud!! im going to try to get pix....and the inserts, i need a freakin 18 mm openend!
goto briefcase.yahoo.com/shaggy2234 and goto the beast....u'll love what u see
Well, I have to take back what I said about ES motor mounts.
After a night at the track, I blew them out.
Time to find an alternative.
Pic shows the origional tie wrap that came with the Motor mounts,
tie wrap I added, and the screw I added. the screw was like .025" too
long and hit the motor side of the mount.


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man that sux!! the vid is not working....sorry im trying!! i have slow internet sorry guys!! it is loud! but i mean u can change it as u need/want also from what i can tell it feel/looks like the turbo spools up bout 500-750 rpms faster then what it did, so that is always a plus and from what some people have told me it should be about 10-20 hp more and .5 faster in the 1/4 if u can get traction in first and part of 2nd.....thanks guys! and keith i may try to put my mount in one day! hee hee
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