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Helping a friend part out a '84 Turbo Z.

Its a red on grey paint sceme, but the paint is toast, and any body panels would need a re-spray. Body panels are in decent shape, no holes or deep rust as well as the liftgate and spolier. Front and rear airdams are pretty trashed however..

Tons of good interior bits, it has a black leather interior, manual seats, power windows and mirrors, door panels are in great shape.

It also has a set of 4 lug pizza wheels, in rather good shape, just in need of a good powder coating..

He is keeping the Engine, but it does have a functionig slushbox with 140K on it if anyone is interested.. :)

I will take pics of any part anyone is interested and post them here, buddy is trying to raise some extra cash for a '87 he is building..

Car is in CT, so its pickup for the big stuff. or you pay shipping..
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