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Manheim, PA
CONTACT: PM or Cellphone: 717-823-1942
Name: Dustin S. Hoffman
Shipping: To be calculated upon request

Picked up a parts car for my GF's neon. Just about everything is available. The interior and transmission will be swapped into her car so these items are pending as far as selling goes (if she doesnt want the interior it will be posted as available) Everything else is available, I already have most of the engine bay stripped, Pictures upon request. I paid $400 for this car and Im just looking to make the money back. This being said lets list some parts!
This car is a 4lug 14" wheel car and is white.

SOHC HEAD (timing belt jumped so some of the valves appear to be bent as they do NOT close properly) $100 obo

Drivers airbag: $200 Shipping incl
Passenger airbag: $150 Shipping incl
Radiator: $80
AC Condensor: $25
AC Compressor: $50
Fenders: $150 for the pair
Hood: $80

All other items will be priced upon request. (all prices are flexible)

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FOR SALE: 1995 Dodge Neon Sport(White, paint chipped badly)
This car is complete with 100k mi on the clock. Just picked it up for the transmission for my GF's neon. I dont need anything else short of some interior parts. Timing belt tensioner took a crap and bent just about every valve in the head (SOHC). it is a 4 lug 14" wheel car with white hubcaps. This car is pretty much stripped to a block and trans (fenders and everything already stripped off the car) Let me know what you need. Pictures upon request and all offers considered. Once I am given an offer on a part no other offers will be considered until deal is made/falls through.

8.5MM Plug wires (not from parts car, but SOHC)
Head: as is $50
Fenders: $100 for the pair
Airbags: $150
Spare: $20
Jack kit: $25
Coil pack: $10
Intake: (TB to airbox) $10
TB: W/ cables $30, w/o $25
Intake mani: $30
Exhaust Header: $40
Cat Converter w/02 sensor: (2 available) $30
Headlights: $30/each (incl turn signals)
Tails: $25/each
Rad: $50
A/C Condensor: $30
A/C Compressor: $30
oil pan/valve cover: $30
Oil pick-up: $10
OEM plug wires: $10
Plenty more parts available too!

I would prefer not to ship larger items such as fenders and what not but if nec. I will.
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