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I am about to disassemble a 89 shelby daytona ,reason being i am converting to a 383 B engine to a 496 CI Twin Turbo RWD,located in central wisconsin area.
Available parts
Interior parts please inquire with needs grey interior/also any and all electrical parts/ECU/Harness ETC.
rear suspension and disc brake set up W/ Springs
Gas Tank with sending unit and pump works perfectly
555 trans,shifter and cables,pedals,half shafts,console,mounts and bobble strut
2.2 W/center force clutch,
race ported head W/ intake with 2 cold start injectors with activation adjustable hobbs switch,
a T3T4 turbonetics turbo . 60 and .63 with a cast iron exhaust manifold converted and ported to accomidate the new turbo and swing valve houseing to fit and clear the firewall properly
starion intercooler complete set up with plumbing and mounts,
a full 2.5 in exhaust
door glass
rear side glass
hatch glass/ all windows except windshield are being replaced with lexon
if you do not see hwat you need please e mail with needs ,
Useing money from the sale of these and other items to fund the rear end/Ladder bar & Coil Over suspension

Willing to ship anything anywhere,if needed I will crate up anything for cost of materials only I will not charge for my labor.
estimated eng w/head freight 100.00 to 140.00 truck freight with business address I will arrange loading on my end so no lift truck service charge and as long as there ius a hoist removal at destination within US borders /Hawaii & P.R. outside US etc. extra charges will apply
However I will get anyone interested an exact quote before sale is made.

if interested e mail [email protected]

or call home number after 5 PM 715 846 2975

Please only serious inquiries with serious offers please no offensive e mails or calls

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put prices(required) with the parts listed, and read the sticky "New Forum Rules"

Sorry I didnt put prices because as it turns out some people want to buy more then 1 item and I figured I would give them a better deal that way then listing each part seperately, however I do apologize for the mistake in the future i will remember to list price's

Parts so far that have potential buyers awaiting answers,if potential buyers decide to not complete the purchase I will relist with prices

Cyl head/turbo/intake/exh manifold/cold air intake/down pipe

Engine short block/flywheel/clutch -

555 Transmission/shifter /shifter cables

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Parts available again

Low Mileage A555 Trans /shifts smooth absolutely NO grinding or noise just smooth shifts-W/ Shifter and boot with hardware/Both Cables & assembly hardware with bracket/both half Shafts with good unripped boots,plus trans mounts Mounts
$500.00 plus shipping/ will crate up at no charge

Just A555 Trans $350.00 Plus shipping (Will Crate up)"no half shafts,Shifter,cables or bracket

Shifter w/boot and both cables(cable ends undamaged)
$100.00.00 Plus shipping

Half shafts (boots in good shape no rips) $90.00 Plus shipping

2.50 in exhaust w/dynomax muffler ,removed from down pipe/approximately at originallocation right after the 45 deg. bead connection off turbo
$100.00, can disassemble(cut and flange connections to be able to reassemble without welding)for shipping for an extra $20.00 for flanges and gaskets

Rear Disc Brake assembly
2 calipers with hydraulic hose's
2 rotors
2 rear hubs with good bearings
2 spindles with all hardware
2 backing plates
2 emergency brake cables and hardware
$275.00 plus shipping (will crate everything for shipping no charge)

Door Glass $50.00 each L & R
Rear Side Glass - $25.00 Each L & R
Rear Hatch Glass $100.00

Complete wireing harness (unmolested or damaged)
Convert your TI Vehicle with the power module and locic module over to TII with the single engine control computer system
also include's
>Fuse box
>Dash Cluster
>all engine sensors
>ECU/Engine Computer
and misc other components if desired(please let me know what else you would neeed so I can remove it with the harness)

If no one needs the complete vehicle harness then i will be willing to seperare the harness and sell just the engine harness or other parts and the ECU and other components,want to wait until 3/5/08

ECU 80.00 + Shipping if still available after 3/5/08
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