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Parting out my 1991 Dodge Spirit R/T



PM me for items you are interested in. Also, please include your zip so I can configure shipping costs. If you'd like photos please contact me with the item you are interested in and I will take a few pics or simply email me at [email protected]. If you have any questions you can also contact me at 260-402-0930.

I've spent quite a bit of money on new parts for this car but have recently been laid off therefore everything has to go. All engine, exterior and interior parts are all up for sale. Everything is there. All new parts for the cylinder head and transmission have less than 1k miles on them! New cylinder head parts include: Fwd Performance lifters, Titanium valve spring retainers, ARP head studs, Cometic .074 MLS head gasket, new valve stem seals and cam seals all with 150 miles on them! Pretty much brand new. New parts for the transmission include: Fidanza light weight steel flywheel, Spec stage 3 clutch and also a B&M shifter all with a little over 900 miles. Barely broken in! *All parts for sale are without shipping.

TIII Lotus Cylinder head- Excellent shape. No cracks or repairs! Still has the factory steel plugs with proper threads showing. Just recently spent over a grand on new parts from Fwd Performance for this head. Included with this head are new titanium retainers, new cam and valve stem seals, ARP head studs and a Cometic .074 MLS gasket which can be reused. These parts have only 150 miles on them! This head will be sold minus the cams, sprockets and rockers. 950$

R/T A568 Transmission- Large spline, shifts perfect and is in great shape. Im including a new Fidanza steel flywheel and a Spec stage 3 clutch. These parts have only 900 miles on them! I will also throw in a new B&M shifter and the A568 shifter cables which are also in great shape. 750$

TIII Complete short block- Good oil pressure and compression. 450$
TIII Valve covers- 100$ for pair
TIII Camshafts- 200$ each.
TIII Cam gears- 120$
TIII Rocker arms- (All 16). Comes with the rocker shafts and brand new FWD lifters. Make offer
TIII Exhaust manifold with stock turbo. Turbo has normal shaft play- 250$
TIII Intake manifold- 100$
TIII Computer SBEC- 90$
TIII Fuel rail with injectors and reg.- 60$
TIII Ignition coil- 40$
TIII I-shaft with sprocket-75$
TIII Crankshaft pulley- 45$
TIII Cam sensor- 50$
TIII Crank sensor- 50$
TIII AC compressor- 50$
TIII ABS pump and controller- 70$
TIII Power steering pump- 70$
TIII Water pump with pulley- 45$
Huge FMIC kit- Front view shown in bottom pic. Comes with the intercooler, piping, couplers, brackets and clamps. Everything necessary for complete install. Also included is basically a new Turbo XS RFL BOV. Some cutting is required. 400$
Spirit R/T Spoiler- 100$

Don’t forget this car is 100% complete. Everything is there. These are just a few items I decided to list. If you are looking for any part just shoot me a PM and I’ll get back with you ASAP. Thanks, Tony.

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Yeah I got lucky and saw this post just minutes after he started it. Now I will have everything I need to get my car running.

Coil Pack
Ignition Wires
Cam Sensor
Crank Sensor
Complete Engine Harness.


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turbovanman, yes i sure did. I just replied to it. Im sorry it took so long.
Thanks, Tony

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Ok the stuff that has been sold are:

cam sensor
crank sensor
ignition coil
plug wires
engine wiring harness
FMIC kit
A568 transmission
Spec clutch
Fidanza flywheel
shifter cables
crank sprocket
timing belt idler
timing belt tensioner
water pump deflector

still for sale: anything you can think of thats not listed above...
Spoiler- 100$ shipped.
Cam gears-120$ for pair
I-Shaft and sprocket- Both look new, 75$
Power steering pump and bracket 70$
Alternator- 40$
Starter- 40$
Shortblock- 450$
Crank pulley: 35$
Cams- both look new, price reduced to 375$ shipped for both or 180$ a cam.
All 16 rocker arms with new FWD lifters-475$ shipped!
TIII lotus cylinder head- No cracks or repairs! Somebody buy this thing!! Price reduced to 850$ shipped!! Comes with new titanium retainers, arp head studs and a cometic .074 head gasket!
If you are looking for something i have not yet listed, PM me! or make an offer!
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