Hi all,

Parting out a very rusty blue 1991 Dodge Shadow ES Turbo 5-speed 2-door. Interior is in very good condition, many mechanical and electrical components are ready to pull, and there's good glass. The engine and transmission (A568 I believe) are good.

The following parts have been destroyed:
Both front fenders
Both front struts
Front bumper
Battery tray

It has an FWD Performance Stage 3 calibration, but the center screw mount is broken off. It can be epoxied back on, or you can simply attach the harness separately.

Let me know what you need, and make an offer if appropriate.

Parts sold/accounted for:
Engine Harness
Stock SBEC
T1 Air Hoses
T1 Air Box
Head, lifters, roller rockers, camshaft
Mitsubishi Turbo
Exhaust Manifold
Intake Manifold
O2 Sensor (Possibly also connecting exhaust pipe)
Throttle Body
Wastegate Solenoid
MAP / BAR Sensors
Fuel Rail (with not original FPR)
Front Seat Tracks
License Plate Bulb Socket

Parts inquired about but not yet sold:
A523 Transmission (Edit: I thought it was an A568, but I have that in the shed.)
Damaged but serviceable Stage 3 by FWD
Shifter and Cables
Seats, door panels