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I have a completely rebuilt and not used turbo swirl head with cam. I was going to use it for my shadow, but I found a G-head for it instead. Rebuilt by a professional and has 0 miles on it. Looking for $100 + shipping for the complete head.

Also, I have Refurbished axles for the non-equal equal length setup. They have the ABS toner rings on the outside spline shaft. But they can be used on any later year vehicle. I have ABS axles on my non equipped Lebaron. So I know they will work. They are $60 from a parts store each. I'd like to get $80 + shipping for the pair.

I may have other parts as well just lying around. If you need something, just let me know. Either shoot me a PM here or you can reach me on yahoo or AIM messengers. (just click on my icons below my name on the left.)



93 Lebaron Conv 3.0L 5 speed
89 Sundance RS 2.5L turbo 3 speed
89 Shadow ES 2.5L turbo 3 speed
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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