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Parts for sale

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Have a few items for sale.....

90 SBEC t-1 auto 65.00 plus ship

90 t-1 Fuel Injection Harness 20.00 +ship

Couple pieces of stainless 2" mandrel pipe. Would make a neat dual pipe side exit exhaust. 25.00 for both pieces. can send a pict. +ship

Engine oil cooler and adapter....never used. nice size! 65.00 plus ship.

Also will have these off the car soon:

1992 cast A arms for dual pivot k frame. Thes will include:
Arms....coated in 5 layers of grey POR 15
1 1/8 sway bar.
NEWER Moog Ball joints. ( entire set up has 2000 miles on them)
Poly Sway bar bushings.
125.00 plus ship

PM with questins or needs.

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Also for sale:

Really nice Black Leather airbag steering wheel. This is a two spoke design, like on the shadow, lebaron, and spirit.

60.00 plus ship


can i see pics of the dual exhaust?
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