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PCV pics???

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Can anyone please take a close up pic of how they have their PCV system hooked up? I am unsure if i have my set correctly up. Does not matter what year car, preferably on 89 or newer. (1 peice intake)
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No pics, but maybe I can help. The PCV goes like this: PCV nippler off the back of the valve cover too the tee, from the tee, you have one line going to a vaccum line somewhere by the intake, lol, and then of course on the other side it goes to your breather, air box, intake (bad idea), wherever.
thanks dave, that does help. I will see if i can post a pic of mine to make sure its correct. perhaps you can look it over. Give me a day or so...
Not a problem. Here to help, Ill look it over, the PCV system isnt very difficult.
Hey, I know these are kinda tough to see, but this might give you a better visual of where that other line goes...

Edit: I can email you the original pics at a larger size if you think it would help.
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no, that should be perfect! Thankyou ShelbyFan88!
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