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decided to get out of tds all new parts were bought in the last year.prices dont include shiping. thanks mark
m&h drag slicks 23x7.5x15 200.00
autometer digital egt 80.00
cometic head gasket.51 50.00 sold
high volume oil pump 35.00
rear bobble strut 30.00
walbro255 inline pump 60.00 sold
stainless turbo lines t2 60.00 sold
nan racing converter 125.00
3bar map and pig tail 65.00
micro boost controler 50.00
used parts
auto meter afr gauge 25.00
boost gauge 25.00
standerd vanolia pistons one new three used and 85 rods with arp bolts,were set up to be pressed on, might need to have rods reconditioned. 150.00
arp 11mm head bolts 40.00
under drive pulley 84-87 30.00 sold
one piece fm ported intake +20 injecters and adjustable fp regulater 175.00 inj &fpr sold
2 piece intake with fuel rail 125.00
adjustable square tooth cam sprocket 50.00
89 roller cam and roller followers 75.00
garret super 70 turbo cliped wheel, with 2 1/2 inch swing valve used but in good shape. 250.00 sold
dist with magrecon wires 40.00 will send what other hall effects i have. sold
freshly built 413 with turboaction reverse manual valve body never had trainy fluid in it 225.00
555 trainy 150.00 120,00 miles on car i took it out of
freshly ground crank 10/10 out of a 89 comon block 150.00
also have comon block
i dont know about shiping trannys but will check.
im in tyrone ,ok
i accept pay pal or money order most new parts are 1/2 off from what i paid just lost interest. i will try to get my doughter to post any picks you guys would like. most new parts can be seen at fwd. also manuel rack for l body new 100.00
two distributers one with a set of taylor spiral pros but no coil wire 50.00 shiped
5th injecter with hard line and hobs switch 30.00

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Hi there,
I have an 85 omni GLHT with an 88 Daytona T2 setup. I would be interested in the following parts, if they will work on my vehicle?

3 bar map
+20 injectors
AFP regulator
Autometer digital EGT

Let me know if these are still available, if they would work and what the package cost would be. I'm in Michigan. Thanks in advance.

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Mark -

Put me down for:

cometic head gasket.51 50.00
walbro255 inline pump 60.00
under drive pulley 84-87 30.00

Also.. I'll take the tranny.. let me figure out how to get it shipped. Just put it on reserve for the moment and I'll find a shipper.

Tell me the email address to send the $140 to the small parts.

If you can put it all in a box and tell me how much it weighs, I'll send you a Fed-Ex Ground Shipping Label and you can slap it on the box and drop it off at any Fed-Ex location or I'll have Fed-Ex come and pick it up from you.. quick and easy.


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