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My wife, daughter, and I are moving. I have a lot of projects as well, and would like to start getting rid of some parts. All prices are OBO, and will consider dropping prices if you want to take multiple parts. Please feel free to direct message me, but calling me or texting me is the fastest and easiest way. My number is (586) 915-0085.
Please see pictures attached. I will take payment via PayPal, or cash if you are local. I will share my paypal information after we agree on what items you want, prices, and shipping location. I am located in Rochester Hills, MI. Thank you!

SOLD Brian Crower H-Beam Connecting Rods w/ ARP Rod Studs, Wrist Pins, and Bearings: $390 shipped OBO
Nearly brand new, about 20 miles and 1 dyno session on them, rated at 250+ HP PER ROD, over $600 new, use non-stock size wrist pins (included), were used with Venolia Forged Pistons

SOLD Fidanza Adjustable Cam Sprocket: $100 shipped OBO
Used, in great condition, from FWDPerformance, 89+ Common Block (Round Tooth)

SOLD Custom Stainless Steel Turbo Exhaust Manifold: $150 shipped OBO
T3 flange, will bolt up to any 8v engine, see pictures below

SOLD Delphi 95 lb/hr Fuel Injectors (Set of 4): $150 shipped OBO
Nearly brand new, only used for about 50 miles and a few dyno pulls, capable of making over 450hp with these, direct fit for any turbo dodge motor

SOLD Trick Flow TFX 120 lb/hr Fuel Injectors (Set of 4): $200 shipped OBO
Brand New, never used or installed, still in original boxes/packaging, capable of making over 550hp with these, direct fit for any turbo dodge motor

Aluminum Fuel Rail: $80 shipped OBO
Used, many scratches and nicks, still in great shape

SOLD ARP Flywheel Bolts: $25 shipped
Brand new ever run on a motor, were bolted on to a spare 2.5 for my race truck but never started

ARP 11mm Head Stud Kit (Studs, Washers, Nuts): $90 shipped OBO
Used, only torqued once, about 20 miles and 1 dyno session on them

SOLD ARP Main Stud Kit (Common Block) (Studs, Nuts, Washers): $50 shipped OBO
Used, only torqued once, about 20 miles and 1 dyno session on them

SOLD MSD Ignition Coil: $30 shipped
Used, only about 50 miles on it, direct fit for TD cars

Cometic Head Gasket (8 valve, .065? (stock), MLS): $90 shipped OBO
Brand new, never used, still in packaging

Spec "Stage 3" 6 puck Clutch for RWD (AX15 5speed to 2.2/2.5): $270 shipped OBO
Only about 50 miles on this clutch, not even broken in yet, this is the clutch you will need for a turbo 2.5/2.2 swap into a Dakota, should be good for around 450whp, If you are local I also have an AX15, flywheels, bellhousing, driveshaft, etc to sell with this for extra $$

Chrysler 8.75 SureGrip Posi Rear End w/ 4.30 gears: $1250 OBO ? LOCAL PICKUP ONLY
Only about 100 miles on this, brand new drum brake assemblies

One-Piece Intake (w/ TB, fuel rail, etc): $75 local pickup OBO, willing to ship for right price

I have a lot of experience doing 2.2/2.5 turbo builds, turbo motors into dakotas, as well as building Drag Racing Dakotas w/ 2.2s and 2.5 turbos. I have also run completely standalone ECUs like MegaSquirt (have a complete megasquirt setup ready for a TD). If you are interested in doing something like a turbo 2.2/2.5 dakota, I have many parts that you will need to switch your FWD turbo dodge motor to work on a RWD Dakota. If you are looking for an easy project, find a factory 2.5 or 2.2 dakota (first gen Dakota). A turbo motor from a FWD TD will fit right in as the motor mount locations are already there. I have an extra AX15 5 speed trans, correct bell housing that bolts up to our motors, clutch (listed above), correct length drive shaft (rear u joint on it now is to go to a chrylser 8 ¾), RWD oil pans, RWD oil pickup tube, flywheels, etc. Most of this stuff will be local pickup only as I do not have to ship, but if they price is right I would be willing to ship all of it as a package for you. Just let me know what you want!



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I'm interested in the rail, do you have the fuel rail brackets to use for 2pc?
Put me next for cam gear, if above falls through. I have a Blue one I never ran...would rather silver!
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