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Pics of Steering Column Guage Pod

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Ok, So after buying a guage pod for a 1994-2003 Ram. Low and behold they are the same as some of our Turbo Vehicles. Like a 90+ Shadow's, Daytona's, Spirit's and so on anyways. At first I didnt know if it was the same but after some measurements and so on. It works! I popped my cyberdyne A/F guage in it. All I gotta do is paint it grey to match my interior. Oh and as a side note, this is also the same as Dakota's, jeep's, and the LH cars as well.
Ill throw up some pics of it now, and some pics once installed. but it is made by autometer just so you know.


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Nice find. The image on the ebay auction seems to be reversed or is it available on either side?
Where does an A/F guage gets in input from?? That would be a neato add-on to a 90+ Daytona! Let me know if any more of those covers are laying around!
I didn't see any double-gauge column pods for that application (neither there nor Summit's site)...but you could mount a cup on the other side of the top, or even off to the left...hmm...yes, pics of the installed package, please!! :thumb:
The ebar image is a standard pic of one. i e-mailed and asked. the Hazard button would make it impossible to mount another one there. The part is the same as my moms interpid, and looks to be the same in my buddies Neon R/T as well
Ok so there's actually 2 different ones then?
Sweet...is that the John Deer van to the left??
no, There is only the one. The people who are selling it on E-bay are selling lots and didnt want to take picstures of each and every one. The part number is the same as mine. So it will be the same as mine.
Yes, that is the good ole John Deere van in the picture actually!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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