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I got a set of 2.5L stock mahle pistons and rods, and also another set of 3 pistons with new rings. Here's the breakdown-
Just pulled a set of 4 pistons with rings out of my engine because I'm going back to a 2.2L. About 15K miles on the previous rebuild. 1 piston has about 2K miles on it, it just looks a little cleaner. I busted a piston awhile back and replaced it. Pistons are in good condition, still attached to stock T2 rods. The rods should probably be resized and new bolts put it, no spun bearings or anything though I was putting over 300 WHP to these. $75 shipped to lower 48.

I also have an extra set of 3 pistons with new sealed power rings. Pistons were bead blasted and look practically new. $60 shipped

Also got a 2.5L crank, comes with the front aluminum housing because I couldn't get the crank gear off LOL. Needs turned, 10/10 will clear everything up no problem. $20+shipping

Right now I only have pics of the set of 3 cleaned pistons and rings, but will get other pics hopefully tomorrow.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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