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please tell where?

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where can i get the best value/figure to show my insurance guy what my spirit R/T is worth?
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For insurance purposes for what you are looking for you might have to get it appraised.

My buddy with classic cars has to do that so the value can be fairly accurate and not under or way over.
I had my R/T appraised several years ago. It cost me a one-hundred dollar bill. It saved it recently from being totaled after an accident.

Greg K. Cooper
NADA listing for 91 Spirit R/T Turbo in NM =
Low Retail = $2100
Clean Retail = $2900
High Retail = $3475
Used Car Value - Dodge Spirit Sedan 4D R/T Turbo

That is what the insurance co will go by unless you have an approved appraiser, appraise your car. Pictures and Show Awards will help to prove the High Retail catagory, If you are satisfied with that price, if you have that and don't have it appraised.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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