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Hey there!

I got this awesome used roller cam from a fellow member of Turbo Dodge, along with a few lifters...

Was sitting around and feeling a bit crafty and began to start wondering how I should polish my camshaft... use the highest grit sandpaper? Running my finger along the lobes, it feels very smooth but there is a very very slight roughness on a single lobe, like, very minor. Much less rough than the lobes of my current slider-on-roller setup!

I'm going to swap the cams and re-use the old roller followers and pull the valve cover next year and see if it is holding up... old hot rodders say you never run different followers with another cam... I guess we'll test it! View attachment 281876
I heard emery cloth was best for cams and crank journals. Or u can use mystery oil and just run it like this guy...

That cam was on a square tooth gear so I'm pretty sure it's the sought after 88 tbi cam.
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