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2 2cool's recent find make me wonder just how much literature and promo items Chrysler released in 1998-2000. What items do you have or have knowledge of.....

I have:

1) the square box containing literature and the Maisto 1:64 scale silver PT Cruiser. (received in mail from Chrysler)

2) the literature with the "penny for your thoughts". (received in mail from Chrysler)

3) the literture with the 3-D card showing the rear PT Cruiser suspension. (received in mail from Chrysler)

4) the literature and PT Cruiser Swiss Army card. (received in mail from Chrysler)

5) the set of four PT Cruiser coasters (dealer item)

6) the PT Cruiser picnic basket (dealer item)

7) PT Cruiser post cards (dealer item)
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