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problems with injectors FJ53 standard motor...

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my 1989 dodge daytona 2.5 turbo injectors use the bosch 0280150813 with 310cc/min and 2.4 of resistance.
I buy 4 injectors STANDARD MOTOR FJ53, but when laid flat, the engine turned on and then off. as if the flow of gasoline does not continue. it measures the resistance to these injectors and have 16 ohms.
however, when I put the injectors "old", the car turns well and is not quenched.
anyone can help me? I bought the injectors correct?
or I may have to send to clean?
appreciate some suggestions from the forum ...
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The injectors you purchased are incorrect, part # crosses but they are not right.
Where did you purchase them from?
The factory T-1/T-2/T-3/T-4 88 - 93 are 2.4 ohm injectors.
Your original part # 4418258/4418213 crosses to 5277895 fits all T-1/T-2/T-3/T-4 88 - 93 and are 2.4 ohm injectors.
I contacted SMP for you, here is the message I sent and the message I received back.
I did tell them you had a 2.2L T-2 but the 2.5L T-1 uses the same injectors so no problem there.

I am an ASE Master Tech and an Administrator on Turbododge.com and I am trying to help a member in Peru who purchased a set of SMP FJ53 Fuel Injectors. The vehicle is a 1989 Dodge Daytona 2.2L Turbo (Vin A) The OE injector # 4418258, superseded by # 5277895 is a 33 PPH, 2.4 Ohm Low Impedance injector and fits ALL 2.2/2.5L Chrysler Turbo's 88-93. The injectors our member received are 16 Ohm High Impedance injectors. Were these injectors boxed wrong or is your injector # incorrect for the application? Are there any #'s stamped on the injector body to verify he received the correct injectors?
Thank You,
Mr. Jan Rosenthal

Those should indeed be 2.5Ω injectors. Below is a picture of our current production You should be able to see stamped on the unit “RIN 813”

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thanks by you help and reply
my car is dodge daytona 2.5 1989 turbo
and I received the incorrect inyectors
I buy the injectors in amazon....
and the numer stamped in the injector are:
RIN - 237, RIN - 237, RIN - 237, RIN- 901
the resistance of this injectors are: 16 ohms
my car used the injectors with 310CC/[email protected] with 2.4 ohms odf resistance
you can help me?
you can question to SMP , about of the injectors that I received...
what model of car used this injectors that I send to me?
sent to me clearly erroneous injectors
you can see the injectors in the attached photos


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If you can tell me who the vendor was on Amazon it may help.

What color are the tops of those injectors under the rubber cap?

You can also contact Amazon and tell them the parts are labeled correctly but are not the part listed.
the color of the tops under the rubber cap is BLACK...
the vendor in amazon is JM CAR PARTS
the name of the person that sell the injectors is JUAN GONZALES
Either contact the seller or Amazon.


Those injectors are not even close the being correct and are not FJ53.

I contacted SMP again and they said...
RIN 237 is SMP #FJ112 and fits certain Buick,Oldsmobile,Pontiac 86-88
RIN 901 is SMP #FJ686 and fits certain Buick,Oldsmobile,Pontiac 88-91

PM me your e-mail address and I will forward SMP response to you so you have it.
Here is what was sent to me.

RIN 237 is an FJ112

RIN901 is an FJ686

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