Decided to sell my project. Not because I don't like it, but I got myself an old Volvo 740 wagon and love it so much I stopped working on the Rampage. So I'm selling it. Them. I have two.

6000 OBO
Fuller description and extra pictures in the Craigslist listing: Dodge Rampage 1982 Project Pair - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle...
Clean titles on both.

The one pictured in the garage is the better of the two. It has a new carb, and starts right up even after sitting. New parts in box include fuel tank and fuel level sensor, rear struts, rear springs kit, seatbelts, carpet, and I also scavenged an omni center console to mod in. The entire interior has been removed and cleaned, no missing parts, not even the headliner board. There was no back window when it was purchased but I have one. The floor was in bad shape, and I'm no welder, so it's not amazing looking and not done, but you can stand on it. The original brake lines and load sensor were so rusted they couldn't be saved, so currently this car has no brakes. Even if it did, I would not recommend driving this car to it's destination until it was serviced at a shop. It also has no gas tank right now, which isn't a difficult project to do it's just 25 degrees here lately and I am not crawling around on the ground in that.

The second one, pictured in the driveway, is the parts car. This car has no floor and most of the underbody is rotten. It would take a lot of serious work to ever salvage it, so I have been using it to take parts from. This is why I recommend buying both: the parts car has better doors and the rear window, an entire second engine and an almost complete second interior along with 4 factory wheels, totaling up to 9. The dash, package tray, and some spare trim pieces from this car have been sold.

I am trying not to part the second one out too much because it is more valuable as a parts car for the other.

Love this car dearly, but I love my 740 just a little more.