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PT duffel bag

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Rarely used duffel bag for sale. Perfect condition. $45 plus shipping.

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Very nice have not seen one of them before..
I agree! Where did you find this at? ;)
I don't remember where I got it. Probably ebay.
Well that was a good find... Why do you want to sell it??
Son drives the PT now and I'm selling off all my PT goodies; diecasts, parts, etc. I never use it and figured someone else might enjoy it.
BUMP!!! $45 shipped within the US.
BUMP!!! $45 shipped within the US.
And if some one in Canadian was to pick it up what do you think shipping to us up here would be????? If it was sold to someone here??
Not sure but if someone in Canada were to send me their postal code, I'll be glad to find out. ;)
Here it is ........M6N-2J8...Plus how would this person pay you???? If they were to buy it..
Hi Frank forget about it wife says I have too many duffel bags now Sorry ..
Thats ok. But just so you know, $50 shipped.
So that is total??? $50:00 ????for everthing bag plus mail...HMMMMMM but wife please....NO she says.....
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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