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PT pullover

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Extra large pullover sweater. Worn maybe twice. $35 shipped.

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I see your pictures are not coming up any more???
I noticed that too. Wonder what I've done wrong now? :'(
Tried to add back my sig picture but it keeps coming out really big. Can't find the sweater pic so I gotta do that one over.
Now I don't see any pictures and is any asking about the pull over if not then I would not post the picture of it any more..I think it would be gone by now. It's up to you..I am glad that you did sell most of your things.
Still got the sweater. I'll just wait a few weeks and post it again.
OK well good luck and I hope you sell it to someone that has a red..
Frank, sent you a private message;
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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