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Prefix: 89 Daytona Shelby, Rebuilt 555 (15Kmi), Azone Best Clutch (15kmi)

So i pulled the motor to change motor mounts, timing belt, CV joints, and O2 Sensor. Motors back in and starts and idles fine. However, i can no longer put it in gear. Clutch worked fine before, tho made a wracket when in neutral and pedal relieved, which noise has since calmed down in the last few thousand miles.

So when motors off, shes goes thru the gears fine.
Steppin on the clutch does feel a lil soft, but hard to tell.
I pulled out on clutch pedal to "adjust".
Under hood hookups for clutch look fine, alls in place.
Pedal feel has resistance throughout the range.
When motors off, car on hill, in first gear, relieving pedal doesnt make the car role downhill :(.

Thnx for help, i did see previous poste of similar topic, but how would pullin motor w/ trans cause failure?

something happened in the clutch. could be from assembly error. your problem is that the clutch is not releasing. some things I commonly see on assembly errors include: clutch disc installed backwards, washers installed between the flywheels and pressure plate, throwout bearing improperly installed, something fell into the pressure plate release fingers preventing plate from fully releasing the clutch, forcing the transmission onto the engine bending the clutch disc, and also having the transmission hanging on the clutch disc while trying to install the bellhousing bolts causing the disc to bend.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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