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hey folks,

just thought i'll let ya know that after some issues my T1 is up and running again :D it has a new mpp hg, head bolts, self-ported ex manifold, new lines, new timing belt and all that cr4p ;)
i haven't hooked up the airbox completely as of yet, i just connected the vac-lines so there are no leaks. and also i didn't connect the turbo to the intake, i wanted to see how it would run, kinda NA - lol :bash: also dont have any accessories hooked up, only belt is timing belt for now. it wasn't running longer than a minute so i figured i'll try without the water pump.

the timing belt seemed to be well enough aligned, might be one tooth on the cam after tdc#1, dunno exactely. i guess i prefer timing chains, lol.
compression wasn't too good, so i cranked it up yesterday night after sitting for about a year. it started right up after about 5 seconds of cranking but was running very rough on cyl 3 & 4. and yes, i did crank before that for some time without HEP to get some oil in the turbo ;)

i checked everything and found out injectors 1 & 2 weren't working at all. so i took all inj out and cleaned them and replaced o-rings, now got a nice spray pattern as well :eek:
ok after that, i cranked up again and it was running pretty good on all 4 cyls. fired up at 2krpm and then went down to about 900rpm. vaccum was 18 according to the stock gauge, think that's how it's supposed to be right?

right now i hear that the valves are okay and turbo is spinning, but there is also one mechanical noise that is really disturbing. i also got a small deal of white smoke from the turbo, probably the firegum i used for swingvalve.

any thoughts what else i should check or anything to do before i start reving it and bring it finally back on the street, save for mounting accessory..!?

at this point i really want to express my gratitude to this great forum that brought me such a whole load of information and answers to all the questions i had :thumb:
thanks guys :drinking:

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what was wrong with car b4?? my car smoked for at least a half hr hard, when i put it back 2gether after i split the turbine shaft at the comp wheel on my S60 LOL

did u do the distributor timing? if u only ran if for 1 minute I highly doubt that. vac looks good so your timing belt should be all good.

you said the cars been sitting for a year...is it running the old gas? or did u get soem new stuff? and if u did, did u empty out the old gas?? 1 year shouldnt be bad...I watched the neighbours carbed 84 K car fired RIGHT up after it was sitting for 8 years (that I know of!) on the gas that was still in the tank lmfao

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the headgasket between 1&2 was blown. i also broke some bolts and lines and all the stuff that breaks on a poorly serviced vehicle of 92 with 100kmls :<
yesterday i put it together with all the belts, accessories, airbox and everything. i still have some bolts left but no idea where they are missing hrhr :D in the end, it's been almost a year i've torn it down.

i didnt do ignition timing yet, any chance i can access the timing window with the airbox on there? didnt think of that when mounting it yesterday, lol. i couldn't start it though because it was 3am already and i didnt want to wake up my whole family :D
so when i return from work today i'll fire it up and take it for a test drive, i'm sooo looking forward to it and excited :thumb:

i didnt get any new gas by now, maybe that's what choked the injectors. oh i still have a new fuel filter, should i mount it before or after running that old tank of gas empty?
and also, do i have to mind which filter i take in terms of fuel flow? any thoughts?

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