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Quarter panel replacement pics

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This is the same car that I replaced the floor in:
First pic, the shiny spot is tin riveted in, the quarter is also packin about an inch of bondo, and there is no quarter panel behind the bumper

now quite finished yet, I will post pictures when It is welded solid.
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That looks like my SK 1/2" antique socket set in pic 2.
Wow, that looks like a big pita. How long would it take to do that from start to finish on a 2 Door L-Body.
Wow, nice and informative... it's good to see that anything is possible... :thumb:

not to be speaking for kaleb, but changing panels like that is acutaly pretty easy... but sometime time consuming. i get to do that on a 67 gto here pretty soon.
I wouldnt call it easy. Taking off a fender and bolting on a new one is easy. this was time consuming, but fun. Definately not PITA though.

I would imagine that it wouldnt be too bad on an l-body either. The less you have to weld the better. You take it at the factory seams/spotwelds, the easier and quicker/cleaner the job.

looneytuner said:
That looks like my SK 1/2" antique socket set in pic 2.
Leave it to a TDer :thumb: Yup, that was my grandpas SK set, now mine. Has been around for MANY years. Best tools EVER.
What's the approximate time it takes from start to finish provided I have a quarter panel that is already sanded, primed, and painted? Thanks.
Providing that you already have a quarter cleaned of all excess metal and ready to go, really the only thing that will be time consuming would be cutting off the old quarter. If you install the new quarter, just spot welding it back in where the factory had it spot welded, 2-3 days if you really know your stuff.

Providing that you have to start from scratch, and clean a new quarter, and cut off the old one. A week if you were to put 5-7 hours in a day. i could still have it done within 3-4 days, but thats me. A week to be safe.
Keep the info coming! I've got to do something very similar to my '90 because somebody thought the nice straight panel needed modified with their rear bumper one day :bash: Unfortuantly I already cut a piece from my parts car off, but not as big as the one you did. I have NO skills as far as lining it up ect., so I'm in the hunt for a striaght passenger's side quarter for a Daytona......
A bit more info, but Mopar Muscle had a detailed two part series on quarter panel removal and replacement in the last two issues. Yeah, I know they're musclcars, not TD's. But at least there's some really good ideas there.
Turbo Charger said:
Wow! While most of us here would have sent the car on its way.. well kudo's for fixing her up. :D

Thanks. The more I rip into it, the more I realize that it was a car that should have been parted, but I couldnt find another Z T-top in my area, so I had to make do. This pretty much takes care of the roughness of the car. I got the origional interior cleaned and ready to go back in, the rest of the body is pretty solid and straight, so it wont be too difficult of a resto.
Well.. if you've got the gift and well.. tools.. That's the way to use it.. on a fairly rare car. :D

I hear ya about the Shelby's... really even the whole Turbo Dodge selection around here is extremely limited. That's why I still have my 89... it was quite rusty, but I'm slowly getting it back into shape.
Yeah, its pretty limited down here too. I ended pulling this car out of a J-yard of all places
Now that gives me an idea on how to tackle my buster quater panel. Just have to get a car to drive in the mean time
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