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question about boost on a tI bottom intercooled

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I am buying a TI omni soon and I am going to be converting it to ghetto intercooled TII status for a couple months while I am building up a nice solid block with forged goodies inside. Assuming the motor is in good condition what is the max boost that is safe on a tI bottom end with the full tII conversion otherwise? Id like to run 15 or so, nothing crazy.. The last car I had didn’t last long at 15 psi and it was tI bottom intercooled, but it had a wide variety of other issues before losing a piston. I don’t really care if the motor dies but id rather keep it running until the good one goes in. so what do you think? With a big npr is 15 pushing it on the cast innards?
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What year?

And it's not really the bottom end you're going to break due to 15psi - it's more like the pistons due to knock or detonation and the headgasket due to the same.

Safest bet is put an EGT in there and watch the EGTs under boost - along with a scanner when you turn it up to watch for knock and timing retard.

The bottom end on the non commonblock is good up until about 220hp whereas the commonblock is good for - well what I think we've had people running 400+ on it without a problem.

I'm sure others have other views on the subject and I'm sure that there has been somebody who ran a non-commonblock at 350hp for a couple years or something but there are exceptions to every rule =)

i always heard that a non commonblock only started to flex around 250? but could be used at 300 hp as long as it has all the suporting mods to back it up?
An intercooled T1 with 15psi (assuming you're using the stock mitsu or garrett) won't be near 220 HP anyways. just make sure your engine is runnin in tip-top shape. Non-commonblock pistons will go if you look at them funny.

Wait... is it just the pistons that are a concern?
its an 85 motor that is stock as far as i can tell. im going to build a nice all forged commonblock for the car after i get the intercooler and electronics ready for it and i just want it to be decently quick while i am building the solid motor so i am not tempted to cut corners to finish faster. sounds like 15 psi isnt going to be an issue, ill stick an egt in when im doing the conversion most likely, and i am not retarded so hopefully ill be able to notice if somethings going wrong before its too late.. hopefully hehehe

basically the setup on the tI internals is going to be the stock garrett with an adapter from tu, a big npr, pump, injectors, afpr, tII intake and 52mm tb, mp glhs stg II lm, and a straight pipe out the side with manual boost and all new hoses/vac lines under the hood. once that is all done ill start building the ultimate motor because i want an 11 second pass out of the car and i get the feeling that the stocker isnt going to be quite up to that task :)
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