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question on 4 wire 02 sensor install

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Hey everyone! I just hooked up a 4 wire 02 sensor to my 1986 dodge charger. When it heats up enough for the 02 sensor to kick in it doesnt seen to be working. B4 i intalled this 4 wire, the pervious owner broke off the 1 wire on the original 1 wire 02 sensor...so when it heated up to go off the 02 to the rpms would drop to around 700..and it would idle rough and stumble.. Now that I have replaced to 02 sensor with a 4 wire...it seems to be doing the same thing...right when she heated up the idle dropped and it was stumbing running rough around 700 rpm...the after a few seconds it kicked off and smooth out at 1000 rpms.

heres how I hooked it up:

The soldered the black signal wire from the 02 sensor to the cars 02 black signal wire that goes to the computer.

then I tapped in to the dg/blk 12v ignition coil wire to the white wire off the 4 wire 02 sensor and it solderd those together. (12v heater)

I just used crimp connecters for the last two wires (grounds) (grey and white) and ran them straigt to battery ground.

thats about it really...can anyone out there tell me why the 02sensor doesnt seem to be working? would be most appreciated! thks all!

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how do you know when the sensor is heating up to start working?
shouldn't though when I converted my cars to 4 wire I grabbed a 4 wire plug setup from the J-yard and soldered the 4 wire plug to the stock O2 signal wire, then ran the heater and grounds to the appropriate places. You need to solder the grey wire at it's connections all the way to the battery connector. The sensors operate on just a 0-1v scale so every little bit of voltage loss affects how rich or lean the car runs.

Though it doesn't sound much like an O2 issue, more like base idle isn't set properly, but hard to diagnose without hearing the car.
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