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Raider 3.0 turbo build

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Hi all, ok so I'm a newb as far as being a member goes but have been reading this forum for years. You guys are all great! So I've had my 89 raider for years now, last year I finally upgraded the very capable stock suspension with Dana 60's Wich obviously Robs some of the power. I plan on putting a single turbo on it and pretty much have everything figured out except what injectors will work. Keeping stock ecu Wich I understand should be fine for up to 9lbs Wich will be more than enough extra power in this rig. Stock injectors are high impendance, I understand I shouldn't go more than 30#/300 or so cc, but everything I've seen listed seem to be 500cc and up. Will the rrfpr compensate for bigger injectors or do I absolutely need to find something around 300cc?
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I've also seen a lot of questions over the years as to our intakes, they are a two piece plenim style. And our throttle bodies seem to be bigger than most of the cars. Mine measures 54mm I'd
#30 are what I ran when I first went turbo with a rrfpr. The factor computer didn't seem to have an issue running them. However, I would say she ran quite rich but they do work. You can attempt to go larger, but im not certain it'll work out.

As far as the plenum, it is 100% the bottle neck on these engines. You'll be good for up to 300 or so hp. But flow will be restricted past that. You'll want to review my threads from a couple of years back, if you haven't already.
Good to see another Pajero here. Shred has a great write up and highly recommended reading. I have a 91 Montero with a built engine. I'm in the process (slowly) of figuring out how to put a supercharger on it. You might be able to run bigger injectors and mess with fuel pressure along with a rising rate regulator to find a compromise at idle and at full throttle. Otherwise you can probably go with a larger injector and use something like the Emanage Ultimate, or Maf Translator or an Apexi neo AFC. These devices will allow you to control the fuel being sent to the injectors. The emanage will even allow you to control the spark timing. The only issue I'm having is finding a valid RPM signal which all 3 of those devices rely on.

I bought 550cc injectors from RC.

360cc is what the factory used in the 3000GT unfortunately they're low impedance. Otherwise they'd be perfect. You might be able to get RC to make some 360cc high impedance injectors for you. I suspect that'd be fairly easy.


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Red top injectors from an earl 90s mustang are plug n play. Likely your best and cheapest option. I do believe I still have mine, if anyone is interested in purchasing them.
Yeah the stang injectors could be a good fit.

I found myself with a few moments the other night and tinkered with some piggybacks. Still couldn't get the Emanage to pickup the RPM signal but I did get the Apexi SAFC (neo) to work. Have pretty good control of the fuel mapping even though it is kinda limited. Might be a better option than just a RRFPR.

I would highly recommend getting your tuning method sorted first. Get comfortable with that. If you end up with bigger injectors, dial in an off boost low RPM map with the new injectors, then add the turbo.


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