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Ok here's the deal a friend of mine has a body shop, He has a Rampage that was abandoned a few years ago, Look like a 83-84, it's a Prospector model with the dual light Turismo front clip. He'll sell you parts or take it all(which he would do seeing he's getting ready to crush it) I'm betting 300 cash would take the whole car. The body from what I seems is ok but needs TLC, The hood is missing but might be around the shop, It's a Manual, He also said the the engine has been rebuilt. After that you'll have to get with him as he's using it for a storage container. You have to get the parts I'm just giving the info, and now you know all I know about it, If you'd like to contact him the Info is Don Hall 918-476-4456 9am-5pm in Chouteau Okla 74337.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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