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RE; info on MP computer

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:banana: I need to know if a MP Perf. Computer 453227 will work on a 86 GLH-T (stock) and what boost (or stage is it), thanks todd :bang head
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that is not a mp part# and not enough #'s to be an oe mopar computer
Re. correct no.

The no. is P 4532327 sorry, thanks todd :rolleyes:
dude dont know where u got that # but it doesnt work with a p (mopar performance) or without (stock oem)
Re: no.

Believe it is old no, also got in from post in for sale on TD, thanks todd :)
From the Yahoo ECM computer P/N database:

MP 86 2.2 Turbo I
old=P4349818 #OC=P4532327

Not sure what #OC means, but it matches the number you gave above...
I just looked at the cal. It looks like it's set for 11psi.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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