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If I remember, the steering arm is in the wrong location for our tie rods to mount to.

To do the conversion, you will need the knuckle/strut assy. I currently have a complete PT/GT front/rear assembly going into my Rampage. I do have to drill an extra hole for the strut mount, as the PT has 3 studs, and the L-Body has two. Have not worked with the G-Body stuff. As far as the tie rod mount, they will also bolt on, but there are three different knuckle designs must be aware of. I found this article on PT Forums detailing the differences -

PT Knuckle Info

I meant the rear spindle, not the front. I like the idea of the modular hub/bearing vs. what our cars are set up as.

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Not sure of the G-Body, but just a month ago I had the PT spindle apart and the L-body apart, they are just a few mm difference, so they will not bolt up. My plan was to weld/fill in three of the holes, drill and tap for the PT spindle pattern on the L-body spindle mount. Some modification to the brake lines are required too.
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