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Rear Caliper For 89 Daytona Shelby

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Do any other cars share the same rear calipers as an 89 Daytona Shelby with the vented disks?
My 88's calipers are really loose and rattling like crazy and I wanted to swap on the 89's (full brakes) I have laying around, but now I've found that I've lost one of the calipers. Do any other cars share these calipers so I can grab some from the JY tomorrow and get things put together?
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I had the same annoying problem with my rear disks recently. It sounded as if my car was going to fall apart going over little bumps.:mad:

Upon further investigation of the noise, I noticed that it was not the calipers (since they where fairly new) that where the problem, but the pads. The metal part of the brake pads seemed to have worn down at the area where they contact the backing plate to lock them into place. So to fix them I simply welded and finished off some extra material to the pads to make up for the difference. They don't even make as much as a squeak now. I would defiantly look into fixing or replacing the pads before spending money on new calipers.

Hope this helps
Good advice, but for mine it is actually the caliper. I can wiggle the whole caliper from side to side about 1/4". Really it's just an excuse to swap on the 89 vented rears, so you can imagine how mad I was at myself when I found that I'd lost one of the calipers for the 89's in a move....
You may be able to get replacement slider pins and bolts(?)

I'm not sure without compairing them side by side, but I think that the 10 1/2" calipers and the 11" calipers are different.

I have the 11" brakes on my GLH and they where giving me the noise issues that I fixed.

alot of cars got the 11" setup. its just most of them are kinda rare besides the 89 daytona shelby. lebaron gtc's irot r/t daytona's spirit r/t's alot of the late model es daytonas had them 89 daytona shelby the 89 and newer cs daytonas those are a few i remember hope that helps
I don't see any real advantage to switching to the vented rears. Your front brakes do most of the work anyways.. you'd be better off with the 11" discs on the front.

I suggest you take your rear calipers apart and see why they are making noise. Unless the brake pads are very worn.. or you have no anti-rattle clips... they shouldn't be rattleing.
I've seen a 92 Imperial with the vented rear setup. No idea if it was factory or what, since it was in a junkyard, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was factory. It also was the only Imperial I've seen with rims, not hubcaps.
Turbo Charger said:
I don't see any real advantage to switching to the vented rears. Your front brakes do most of the work anyways.. you'd be better off with the 11" discs on the front.
I've already got the 89's up front. I just now have an excuse to finish it off and do the rears as well. But that missing rear caliper is holding me up now :bang head
The calipers are different between the non-vented 10" and the 11" vented rear brake setup. The calipers for the 11" setup have larger pistons and the caliper is wider to accomodate the thicker vented rotor.
Sounds like I'll have the best luck looking for a pair of reman's eh? Not like I'll find a single caliper anywhere else, since they tend to sell as a package...
I just bought some reman calipers for the 11" rear vented setup on my Omni (SLH III). They are kind of expensive; mine were about $75 each with stainless pistons. Phenolic piston calipers were about $62 each IIRC.
i would search for any 89-93 daytona, mainly being, i've seen those brakes on those cars more so than any other mopar in my area. though, as i've also notivced, they're not that common of a find anymore either. personally, i'd buy new or reman. when it comes to brakes, no short cuts or quick fixes for me... i'll spend the extra money. not because im a lousy driver, but because everyone else cuts me off as i drive a daytona as well. i find it strange that no one sees me coming down the road....
Yeah reman sounds like a good plan. The only reason I was going to use the brakes I had is because they came off a running 89 Daytona Shelby. I got to see it running and driving before I ripped every good part off of it and loaded up the truck :D
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