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rear louvers and parts for 86 shelby charger

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Hi, I am parting an 86 shelby charger. Interior is in great shape. Seat are great shape. I can send pictures. Also have a rear louver set up on the rear hatch. I don't know if they are rare or not but I have never seen them on one before. 75.00 for the louvers plus shipping. The interior set 100.00. I think the seat covers could be removed and shipped easiest. I had the seats detailed at the local car wash for a guy who was interested in them. Only to find he wanted another color of seat. These are grey outers with the blue centers and the white shelby embroidery in the top of them. Lots of other parts. It is a complete car less the front sheetmetal I am using on my Rampage. I can be reached at 909 908-2771 Thanks, Chris
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how much for the seat covers?
Do you have blue cloth sunvisors with passenger side maplight?
Visors are grey on this one
Does the rear view mirror have a switch on it?
Day night type switch or some sort of electrical switch? Let me know and I will check
send pics to [email protected] interested if u have a wireing harness too
I'm sure the harness is there. Do you want the dash harnes or the engine compartment or all of it?
just the engine harness should be the same as my 87
I will check on it tonight. Does it attach to a block on the firewall? Does the harness cover everything? Headlights marker lights and all the other stuff as well. I want to make sure it is uncut.
Do you have any dash parts? i need the bottom parts that are go on both sides of the steering column.
Plastic part that goes around heater control?
Yes the lower part around the heater control and the area to the right side of the steering colunm. Do you have a pictures of the dash that you can send?
Yes the dash part to the right of the steering column goes all the way to the glove box.
The dash is blue. is that the color you need?
The color doesn't matter bcause I will paint it. How much do you want for the dash parts and will you ship them. I am in Illinois my zip is 60406
one part goes from steering column to glovebox. Then there is a seperate small part to the right of the glovebox. Do you need that too? On my 82 rampage the dash parts are only 2 parts. one to the left of column and one that goes all the way to the other side of the glovebox. I think it is the earlier style. Is yours the newer 3 pcs or older 2 pcs. I want to make sure it is the right stuff.
Would you have the headlight buckets or were they used on your rampage?
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