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Rear wiper

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Ok the seal around the shaft that comes through the rear window glass for the wiper is dried and half gone, allowing water in. How does some black silicone sound for this??
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Do a search for terminal supply co. They should have electrical grommets in any size you can think of.
Try a Ford 5.0L PVC grommet...I think it needs a little trimming, but on a van it works GREAT!!!
How about getting the correct one ?
part # 3799824 from mopar and it list's for $4.75
I was told LONG ago it was NS1....is that not so??
Well its still used on 05 and 06 Pacificas ;)
Also used on caravans up to 01 .
Model year in 1984
model year out 2006

Chrysler shows about 2000 of them in depots across the country.
So its far from discontinued!

What you have to watch out for is just because your parts guy says a part is NS1 it may not be , he just may not want to look up a part for an old car. :rolleyes:
alright, thankyou so much....so that part number (3799824) is the current part number for this little o-ring?
I wasn't told that by a parts guy FWIW. I can't remember where I heard that. I don't own a Daytona with a rear wiper, so it really doesn't matter. (well, I kinda do own an '84, but it isn't really "mine" yet)
klee said:
Its not a o ring its a grommet.
Oh, well excuse me :hail:
Called the dealer today and ordered it....
When you get it don't ask me which way it goes, one side is a little more "squared" looking with the part number on it and the other side is more "rounded" and I do not know which side is supposed to be on the outside and which goes toward the inside........so I looked a a few minivans at work and on them the "squared/ part numbered" side is to the outside but I thought it looked better the other way so thats the way I put it. :confused:
alright, thank you so much for your help ;)
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