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I've already posted this in the PT Cruiser section. I apologize but I'm in desperate need of wisdom. I bought a PT Cruiser Convertible with a five speed and HO Turbo motor. Love the car. It has great potential. My wife HATES it. She's too short to fully depress the clutch without being too close to the steering wheel. I view my solutions as either extend the pedals toward the driver's seat or reducing clutch pedal action required. I'm looking for suggestions. My dealer basically said there was nothing they could do. I'm wondering if a Neon pedal assembly would work and if it would move the pedal forward. Failing that, if I could pick up a cheap Neon assembly I could modify it, possibly welding an extension to the pedal arms while not messing up my original assembly unless I screw it up. Other options include using spacers to move the current assembly toward the driver. That would also dictate making a new rod to connect the pedal to the Master Cylinder.

I'm open to suggestions. Any and all would be appreciated.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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