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Removing Exterior Trim Along Windshield

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How do you remove the exterior trim pieces along the front windshield, both top and sides on a T-top 1989 Daytona. I want to remove them for painting but can't see how to remove them.
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you have to remove the foam weatherstrip on the a pillar, then there is screws under there. Tops are riveted.Plan on thern breaking and good luck finding them if they do break.
You have to remove the weather stripping and the wind seal at the front. The screws are for just the weatherstripping track, there are rivits underneath that hold the trim. After you drill the rivits push the a-pillar trim up along the a-pillar or you will break the clip in behind it. It's not that hard if you take you time and DO NOT pry things off. Also found using a screw driver the same width as the weather stripping track will help prevent tearing it, don't just pull the weatherstripping off.
Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am in the middle of doing this right now. I am going to borrow a video camera and make a how to tape on removing the gaskets and trim. I have one side done so I can show a before, after, and how to do it. I also have brand new gaskets and trim with parts #'s etc.

How many people would pay a few dollars, maybe 15$ plus shipping for a tape, and a few pages showing the parts from the 86 catalog and what is shown in the 89 and 86 FSM for the T-tops??

If enough interest I may make a few extra copies. I want to make a tape for myself becasue once you remove them you will see where they built up areas with dumdum to prevent water from running inside the channnels and also where Cars and Concepts applied liberal amounts of silicone. they also used some tricks on how they overlaped some of the gaskets at the edges so the water wont run in. My 86 Daytona has the orignal gaskets and they are in pretty decent shape but I have a chip in my windshield and want to replace it and am going to have the car painted so I wanted to remove everything for paint work.

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