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Replacing Motor Mounts

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Hi guys I have a ChiltonDIY Subscrip. but it's useless.

What I need to know is how abouts I go to Replace the Motor Mounts in my 88 Daytona.

Im not familiar with FWD so all I have worked on are Rear Wheel and 4 Wheel drive vehicles.

What am I taking off? I only have to lift the motor a tad to get at the mounts.
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All of the mounts?

Passenger and front mounts will need the engines weight taken off of them. Jack ... whatever. Pay attention to rubber orientation.
Bobble strut on the trans (if you have one) isn't a big issue. If you're replacing it with a solid mount don't preload it too much. Just get a little weight on it.

Trans mount (driver side) is tougher. Engine needs tilting down on this side to get the bolts. (bobble strut and front mount thru bolt should be out to make this maneuver easier) There are three on the trans and one on the frame rail. Get a jack under the trans and car on blocks. Remove tire then the frame rail bolt. Lower drive train enough to access the three other bolts.
no just the motor mounts :p so Front and Passenger. Thanks
If you have a 5-speed car there are 4 mounts, if you have an automatic there are 3. Here is a tech help section that might help.......

tech help

Johnny Spiva
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