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Runs the same from 5 PSI and up

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I think my problem is The DIST. timing I might have it too retarded, But my concern is that I may give too much advance. When I put my timing light on it last time I set the timing to around 14*. But it doesn't seem to like it since I played with the turbo. I was a stock garrett 50 trim 42. ar . Now it is a S-trim .60 a/r to4b compressor side. Could it be anything with the HEP? I dont know. I dont hear any ping when I advance it. I have advanced it and it runs a hell of alot better. I just dont want to run into any ping.



P.s. It is a g-headed 2.5
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dont have a cat. Fuel pressure is at 58psi at 0 vac. Like I said. When I advance the timing, it runs alot better.

Dont know. I dont have that kind of fuel pressure gauge. It is the one you screw into the fuel rail its self. More like a tool. I have changed out regulators and that hasn't helped. The fuel pump is about a year old.
if your fuel pressure gauge has a long enough hose just screw it on to the fuel rail and run it out the back of the hood and duct tape it to the windshield and go for a ride and watch the gauge.
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