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Just bought this a month ago, but I think I'm going to let it go. It's too tempting to spend every extra penny on modifications--something I can't afford to do right now.

This car is in excellent shape for an 87. No rust to speak of, with 134k on the clock. Red, no t-tops. Interior is suprisingly clean... I don't recall a single tear in the fabric anywhere. Transmission shifts smooth (grinds into reverse occasionally) Clear coat is still intact. Very pretty in the sunlight.

There are a few aftermarket parts I've put into this car since I purchased it:
A-pillar dual gauge pod
30/30 Autometer Sport Comp boost gauge
Silverstar headlights (nice and bright)
1G DSM BOV mounted on hardpipe
vacuum manifold with redone lines, and homemade catchcan
2.5" JRB style exhaust system with Flowmaster muffler

And extras included, but not installed:
brand new SS oil feed line from TU
factory airbox/mounting bracket

The problems:
Speedo malfunctions randomly. Possibly a bad ground to gauge cluster? Does not affect performance.
Turbo oil return line is leaking. Simple fix, and can be done if someone's seriously interested in the car.

Front tires are nearly new Kumho Ecstas. Probably more than 90% tread remaining. Rears have approx 75% tread remaining.

Car runs and drives fine. I drove it from Milwaukee to the Twin Cities, and averaged 26mpg. No problems whatsoever on the way home. I wouldn't hesitate to drive this car anywhere, provided the oil leak is if not attended to, at least maintained with the occasional quart of oil.

I would like to get $2000 for this car, which is exceptionally reasonable (I think), considering the driveability, rust-free body, and lack of serious problems. Give my 'tona a good new home!

A few pics:

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